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L.I.T. Kids, LLC. is a childrens' literacy initiative that focuses on providing children with diverse books and apparel that exudes confidence and self-expression. With books, a child can see the world through a different lense and what better way to discover the world than through connections that embrace who they are.​


​Our mission is to learn to inspire and teach the youth through literacy and love.  

Interested in learning more about L.I.T. Kids? We invite you to keep exploring our website, and get in touch with questions about our values, academics, community and more.

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Porsha Hodge

Mother. Educator. Author.

Porsha found a passion in paying it forward back in college through tutoring and mentoring. Being a former early-elementary educator for 8 years and recognizing the gaps within children's books when it came to representation, she decided to fill the gap. Creating L.I.T. Kids was a way to give kids the opportunity for connection through representation by learning and being inspired through the many books and characters they would meet. Not remembering many books of color being accessible to her during adolescence, she did not want her son to experience the same. She then began her journey with researching and reading children's books highlighting black and brown characters. A native of Austin, TX and a proud HBCU graduate, she is striving to be a trailblazer in youth work through education, reading literacy development, and much more.

About: Our Mission
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