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Things to Do With Your Kids Indoors

We know that right now it is hard for many, but even more difficult for our littles. Some are not able to fully understand why they can not go to school and see their friends or simply go outside to the park and play with the neighborhood kids. This can be a challenging topic for a child to wrap their head around and as a parent the best thing we can do is try to normalize what we can at home. So to make things more entertaining and fun at home, we wanted to provide a list of fun interactive activities you can do as a family. Let's make the most of our quality time and have some fun!

1. Take a bike ride or take a walk. Catch some fresh air by going outdoors.

2. Make a craft. Be creative! Get craft by making crafts.

3. Watch a movie. Chill out and watch a new or classic family film.

4. Read a book . Dive into some new or old books. Make it fun, act out the story.

5. Try indoor camping and s'mores. Pitch a tent in the living room and go camping! Don't forget your s'mores.

6. Have a baking session. Teach your child how to bake. Cupcakes, cookies! There are so many choices.

7. Paint a picture. Get artsy! Find a directive drawing and transition it into a painting. Get your paint brushes and canvas ready.

8. Play a board game. Get those board games out and get competitive! Teach your child your favorite game! Monopoly, anyone?

9. Make a story book. Become an author or illustrator by creating your own story book. This can get really fun.

10. Have a water gun fight! Kids love water and what better way to have fun then with a water gun battle. The kids will love it!

Visit us on Instagram to save these ideas for later, @L.I.T.Kids.

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