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“I believe that what our children read is a seed, so we have to plant very wisely. Whatever we sow in their hearts will bring forth a harvest. I create stories that sow love and grow love, one book at a time! Every child deserves that and more!"

Featured in our 0-3 Crown Book Box, October 2020.


I'm From Everywhere

Growing up in a military family is not always easy, but it can be full of adventure. In this first of a three book series, I’m From Everywhere provides a glimpse into the way growing up in a military family can feel. It also reveals just how amazing growing up military can be. Be sure to follow our hero Jamal on his next big adventure!

This book was featured in our 4-8 Discovery Book Box!


The Adventures of Hendrix & Lenox, Safer at Home

Her first book in a series celebrating black boys. She is determined to create more opportunities for her children to see themselves in every day images and now this is part of her mission. It is her belief that as a community we can learn and benefit from hearing one another’s experiences.

This book was featured in our 4-8 Discovery Book Box!


What Should I Do Today?

"It's very important that my daughters embrace features like their curly hair and skin color, so I created cute little characters based on them and other kids I know. At the same time, I want to normalize color and diversity, so the story line is relatable to any kid. I hope all kids feel like they are a part of the Curly Crew!"

This book was featured in our 0-3 Discovery Book Box!



Each month we feature a author who exemplifies what is to be L.I.T., Learning to Inspire & Teach. The author spotlight allows for an author to be featured in our book box for a month and have the opportunity to expand their book brand through our mission of providing books s of color to children. 

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Author, Amber T. Bogan is a wife, mother, career woman, real estate investor, and diversity advocate who aspires to inspire. Born from her passion for empowerment, Amber is excited to present to the world, her debut title, Little Miss Destined for Greatness.

This book was featured in our 0-3 "I Am Me" Book Box. 

For more information on Amber and her book, follow @authorambertbogan or visit

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Ciara is on a mission to create anti-racist and inclusive books that help children learn invaluable lessons, while they receive powerful and inspiring messages.

“Embrace diversity, accept others, and courageously be yourself! 

- Ciara L. Hill

This book was featured in our 4-8 "I Am Me" Book Box. 

For more information on Ciara and her book, Shiloh and Dande the Lion, follow @ciarahillbooks or visit



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”I Love You My Little One”  is a favorite bedtime read and a testament to love and laughter and the magical bonds that exists between a mother and her child. I wrote this story for parents who have difficulty expressing themselves to share their love in a way children can understand. I hope that after reading my book that the bonds between you and your little one's become even stronger.

I Love You My Little One will be featured in our Love Box for littles 0-3.

Follow her: @BreConwell



Our 1st book box author, Princess Walls, author of the empowering storybook, Super Cells, that tells the story of a brave little girl, Gizelle who has sickle cell, and is defeating the odds every day. She puts on her cape and turns sickle cells into Super Cells.  Finding super strength with sickle cell makes Gizelle more powerful than ever. 

This book was featured in our 4-8 Champion Book Box.

For more information on Princess and her book, follow @supercellsbook or visit


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