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L.I.T. Kids Read Aloud

We are excited to share that we have been hosting live read-aloud time on our Facebook page ( every Thursday, where we feature one of the many books from our L.I.T. Library for kiddos to join at home. This opportunity gives children time to take a break from home schooling and/or at home work with family and enjoy an engaging book read by yours truly, Porsha Hodge. Next week, we will be having our Author Spotlight, Princess Walls join us to read her book, Super Cells ( to all of our #LITLearners. We would love to have you and your kids join us as we help in continuing to build their joy for reading.

Why did I begin live read-alouds? One of the biggest reason is because I know first hand how difficult it can be to try to multi-task doing your own work from home, teaching your kids, and just simply, keeping them entertained while you try to be productive during the day. It can be a struggle to say the least. So providing the opportunity for parents to place our live read-alouds in front of them to enjoy may not give a lot of time of relief but a little break while your child continues to learn by tuning in.

Will they be available on Instagram or YouTube? Currently, we are only broadcasting live from Facebook but are working to live stream to multiple platforms at once. We do not yet have our L.I.T. Kids T.V. YouTube channel set up but that is in the works. Please feel free to catch us on Facebook for now (if you can). We are working to expand in many different ways, soon.

When do the Read-Alouds happen? Right now, read alouds happen every Thursday and last for no more then 15 minutes.

We hope to have you join us next week to check out our Book Box Author Spotlight, Princess Walls of Super Cells! In the meantime, check out one of our read alouds below. #LitLoveLearn

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