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#LITLearner Spotlight

Hailey Dailey

We have launched our 1st official #LITLearner Spotlight!

The L.I.T. Learner Spotlight features a child who exemplifies one or more of our values to Learn to Inspire and Teach Kids. Hailey is a brave and courageous spirit who speaks for many big and little as an advocate for the alopecia community. Hailey Decker is a fun-loving little diva who is very confident in herself with a splash of sass! She loves to paint and draw as well as has a impressive sense for fashion as she enjoys playing dress-up. This 6-year old aspires to be an artist when she grows up!

We are so happy to have join our L.I.T. Kids family as the 1st #LITLearner Spotlight! To learn more about our #LITLearner, Hailey, follow her @HaileyDailey and check her out on our social handles as well as the homepage of our site.

Facebook: Hailey Dailey

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